The Concept of Sitemule

Effortless access to any data source manipulated in web-based software solutions presented on web

Business first then Technology

We are aware of the implications to a business when there is a switch from old systems to newer ones or when the only option is to introduce an additional layer. And we know what it takes to construct something entirely new. For this reason, we created Sitemule.


Easy data access - sophisticated manipulation

Sitemule offers effortless access to data from any source and manipulates these data using one of the various Sitemule standard software solutions. Initially, the solution was built to access and manipulate IBM i™ (AS/400) data. Today we manage any data source - which is also reflected in our customer portfolio.


Build Standard Custom or both

Sitemule software solutions cover the complete business suite, from ERP, PIM, CMS to complex AI solutions and emulated 5250 (AS/400) environments. Sitemule solutions technically cover applications, the web, and everything in between. The catalog of features is extensive and new ones are added on a monthly basis. And if the standard does not meet your requirements we customize by integrating, transforming or innovating a compliant add-on on top or a brand new product.


A full service digital development house

Sitemule was invented and built by System & Method, a digital development house founded in 1989. Our head office is north of Copenhagen. From here we serve our international portfolio in every aspect of digital development, concept, UX, UI, backend, and frontend.

Our team is a versatile mix of experienced developers to keep it real and hold momentum in collaborations with virgin developers with the belief that anything is possible. Each customer project is settled with a lead principal to secure quality and all technical decisions.

In short, we lift any customer beyond the highest standards that a B+B business couldn't even imagine dreaming up.


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